Blurring the lines of no-nonsense house music and winding R&B grooves, Irish DJ producer Shane Codd drops sound-of-the-summer contender ‘Good To Me’ on TYM Recordings.

 ‘Good To Me’ immediately infatuates with the instantly recognisable lyrics of the 80s original ‘Just Be Good To Me,’ a certified R&B classic known to get the dancefloor grooving. Shane Codd quickly turns sultry into swagger, laying down an irresistible keys melody and upping the feel-good energy on the driving house beat, which calls to be played out on a mainstage festival sound system. Reaching the final break, pure sonic ecstasy takes over in a melodic outburst that is as effortlessly cool, clean-cut and contemporary as it is true to timeless dance hits of the early 00s – a sure-fire flex of this breakthrough producer’s limitless skillset in the studio.