Newly rising star Josh Hicks launches his highly anticipated fourth single, Honest. Following up from his first release ‘Self Seeking’ (The Highest Order Of Selfishness), which earned a coveted spot on BBC Radio Wales A-LIST, coupled with his second release ‘Everything About You’.

‘Honest’ represents everyone who’s lost their voice trying to please people, acknowledging that it doesn’t hurt to communicate how you really feel. In simpler terms, not conforming into other people’s visions of you. Sonically, this track is a fusion of pop, jazz, soul and R&B. Josh Hicks brings a real sense of chilled, old soul vocals to a passionate subject, to relay the idea of acceptance and tranquility within himself. Underpinned is this hip-hop drum rhythm and funky bass line, moulded in serenity which only echoes the track’s message of being true and speaking up for yourself.