Mishaal Tamer became the first Saudi artist to be picked up by a major label in 2020 for his demo EP, Life’s A Ride and went on to release collabs ‘Closure’ with Birdy & Sarcastic Sounds, ‘Tell Me About You’ with Kima and ‘Can’t Love Myself’ with DJ HUGEL. Now signed to EMPIRE, Mishaal will be releasing this exciting five chapter project, beginning with Chapter 1 – THE DEEP.

He also became the first Saudi to be enrolled in the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Tisch NYU. He went viral overnight in the first semester of his first year, anonymously posting a ten second clip, ‘Can’t Love Myself’, which later became a hit single, from his dorm room. He then posted three more which gained tens of millions of streams on Spotify globally, and was sampled by hundreds of artists and producers throughout the US and western markets which led to hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify alone.