Wanna Hear Something New…?

Have you ever been a little bored of your music library? Or simply looking for new artists for your playlist? Hart brings you five astounding artists you should take a peek at…

Madison Beer

For fans of Haliee Steinfeld, Bebe Rexha, Selena Gomez and Bea Miller.

Madison Beer, who at the age of 13 rose up through the ranks of YouTube in order to gain her musical success. She found success almost overnight, when one tweet from Justin Beiber saying that she sounded cool turned into thousands of retweets.

Fast-forward five years, and she now has 2 million followers on Twitter and a whopping 9.6 million Instagram fans.
‘Dead’ is a song about female empowerment. Madison cements herself as the ultimate girl boss in a song about overcoming ex’s. Plus, it’s a very catchy tune.


Stu Larsen

For fans of Passenger, Luke Sital-Singh, Bear’s Den and Matthew and the Atlas.

Stu Larsen has just released his second studio album, Resolute, and is set to headline a UK tour this coming November.

The nomadic musician crafted his album between Austraila, Spain, Scotland or Japan. He wrote the songs on his phone; recording the demos at a cottage in Scotland, an apartment in Spain, an army bunker in Australia or wherever he could find time. He was later joined by dear friend, Mike Rosenerg (a.k.a. Passenger), where they recorded the album in full in his Brighton studio.

Stu is for anyone looking for a mellow, acoustic, indie vibe. Something to listen to with a lit candle and a snug blanket! His track ‘By The River’ is the new single off his album which racked up millions of views on the demo alone.


Kat Graham

For fans of Prince, Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora and Havana Brown.

The Vampire Diaries star teamed up with Prince in the last ever project The Purple One worked on before passing away. Kat’s album, Love Music Funk Magic, was recorded with Prince in Paisley Park, after Kat found that his musical ethics resided with her own. “I like funk music and I like 90s stuff,” and obviously she felt like Prince was the perfect person to collaborate with for this.

Kat claims that the title song from the album, ‘Love Music Funk Magic,’ is pro-black and pro-African – it goes against the grain, whilst still being positive.

If you’re a Prince fan then you should definitely listen to this. Prince’s influence rings clear throughout the whole album.


Wildwood Kin

For fans of The Staves, Ward Thomas, Sarah Darling and Fleetwood Mac.

Wildwood Kin have just dropped their debut album, Turning Tides. The album transcends traditional preconceptions of folk music to relay something new, something very 21st Century.

The family trio took influence from their Devon surroundings. They wanted their album to be somewhat stripped back. All songs feature hauntingly beautiful harmonies, that glides over the listener to create a beautify and winding journey.

Wildwood Kin are the emerging future of folk. Their music is refreshing and a whole new perspective on acoustic music.



For fans of Katy Perry, P!nk, Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus.

You might recognise Rider from her jingle making abilities; writing for BBC Radio 1 and 2, along with regional radios across the globe. Her debut single, ‘A Little Light’ doesn’t deter from this catchiness. The vocals are upbeat, with a catchy synth and a chorus that you can’t get out of your head.

Rider is real up-and-coming artist, bound to take the pop scene by storm. If you need something to perk up your day (or your week) I would recommend listening to this!


Written by Amber Parker Brooks