Swiss singer-songwriter Veronica Fusaro has a small tattoo of a new moon on her wrist that is as subtle as her songs. “I’m a night person. It fascinates me,” she explains. “When you see the stars and the Milky Way – that’s when the space for thinking and dreaming opens up.” Having said this, it is surprising to discover that her bright and very sunny new single, the acoustic guitar-driven ‘Better With You’, is all about the joys of the morning. A very special morning, mind you. “Waking up gently, rays of sunshine pushing through the curtains, already nice and warm….and with the person who makes the moment perfect next to you….” she adds, coyly. 

During the first phase of lockdown, Fusaro found it difficult to motivate herself to write, frustrated that her recording and touring plans had of necessity been put on hold following a breakout year in 2019 and early 2020 that had seen her release an EP and three singles that entered national charts around mainland Europe. Finally, around Xmas 2020 she regained inspiration and her very next effort, ‘Better With You’, poured out in an instant, more or less fully formed. “It felt truly great to write it after several months of inactivity,” she states. “I love singing it so much. It’s very laidback and nothing is forced. It’s my first real love song with no rollercoaster complications and describes a beautiful moment. Pure joy, simple as that.”