Having just put the finishing touches to his debut album ‘The Drama’ Vangelis Polydorou is confident that it sounds like nothing else. “We didn’t have a preconceived idea of what the record was going to be. What I mean is, we didn’t reference any tracks and try to make it into something that was already out there. I do think that subconsciously everything has an influence, but I like to put my own spin on things.”

His unique musical identity is also informed by his ongoing creative collaboration with Boy George, whom he met when he auditioned for The Voice UK in 2016. At his blind audition, Vangelis performed a mournful, stripped-down version of George’s own Do You Really Want to Hurt Me – a gutsy choice which paid off when the Culture Club icon pressed his button and welcomed him to “Team George”. Vangelis made it all the way through to the show’s finals, by which point it was clear their working relationship was built to last.

“When I met George he said ‘I can’t promise to make you famous but I can give you work’ and he kept his word”.