In music, one song can change everything. Indie-pop trio Tors have been on the cusp of achieving a major breakthrough for some time now, but the phenomenal fan reaction to teasers for their new single ‘Anything Can Happen’ has reached another level. Clips of the trio performing the song with their sumptuous, organic vocal harmonies have received over 4 million views in just three videos, with social media sensation Elyse Meyers (8.5 million followers) and singer-songwriter Ber (‘Meant To Be’, ‘I’m Not In Love’) leading the names who have already praised the song. The song’s opening words capture the instant emotional connection that ‘Anything Can Happen’ is making with fans both new and established. Drawn from personal experience, Matt Weedon’s lead vocals capture the overwhelming, slow sinking despair that depression casts onto the individual – the lethargy, the sleepless nights, the erosion of all joy. But soon punchy pop beats and swooping harmonies from bandmates Theo Weedon and Jack Bowden establish the defiant hope that those feelings are fleeing, that you can in time – whether it’s day-by-day or simply hour-by-hour – rise above the challenge. It’s a song that’s particularly powerful at this time of year, when the promise of summer and brighter days to come seem so far away.