On the approach to the release of their debut album, London’s eminent indie-rock quintet The Horn share new single and title-track ‘People Like Us’, produced by Danton Supple (Coldplay). It’s a subtle, meandering and climatic anthem of recognition and solidarity between people who find themselves standing on the outskirts of polarising debates, extreme opinions and the constant need to prove oneself to society’s ever-watchful eyes. Instead, this song “is for the people who need to be recognised and understood for who they are,” as the band’s lead singer Jonny Taylor states.

‘People Like Us’ opens with intricately laced guitars, soft percussion and pensive vocals that introduce the origins of this song’s unique perspective. The listener is intermittently teased by vocal bursts and intensifying percussion as the track progresses, until a trilling drum roll leads you straight into the climatic moment. Impactful drums, expert bass, searing guitars, cinematic keys and expressive vocals all converge on the central refrain, “Don’t you wanna fit in this messed up crazy world, ‘Cos I just wanna feel it before I leave this world.” It’s indicative of the inherent tension of wanting to be accepted by the world, but not wanting to conform for that reason alone.