The album spans the band’s career, starting with ‘Speakeasy’ and ‘Ocean Pie’ from their 1994 debut album ‘Change Giver’. It also visits their landmark album ‘A Maximum High’ – including a dramatic new take on ‘Parallel Lines’ which guitarist Paul Banks has playfully described as sounding like “Shed Zeppelin” – and a soaring, sweeping ‘Disco Down’ through to ‘Better Days’, originally from ‘Instant Pleasures’.

‘Liquid Gold’ is completed by a brand new song which was written specifically for this project in the shape of ‘All Roads Lead To You’ and a new take on the ‘Instant Pleasures’ era bonus track ‘Waiting For The Catch’, which now features Issy Ferris of the UK Americana Award winners Ferris & Sylvester.

Shed Seven’s Rick Witter says, “‘This year we celebrate 30 years as recording artists and after reminiscing about our career we thought we’d celebrate the milestone by revisiting some key songs from our past. The idea being that if we cherry picked a hatful of songs and recorded them now it would be a coherent stroll down memory lane but also sit sonically beside our recent number one album ‘A Matter Of Time’. A logical next step. We see this record as a gateway into the world of Shed Seven. We also felt that adding an orchestra to each track would lend the whole project a unique slant. The songs have become widescreen, full of colour