Piera, as well known for her activism with LGBTQ+ and women’s charities as she is for her challenging and expressive pop music, is releasing the sugar-sweet LGBTQ+ ballad, ‘Love Is Meant For You’ for Pride month this year. Simplistic yet powerful, the track shows off Piera’s talents for singing as well as writing a  devastatingly personal and introspective tune.

 Piera’s new track ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is the LGBTQ+ pride summer anthem bursting with effervescent joy just guaranteed to get you singing along. This is a song for everyone which celebrates the equality of universal love. ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is also for those that haven’t yet confessed to your crush, to your friend, someone you think you could never have. As the world starts to open up now, it’s the perfect time to proudly celebrate the kind of love which has seen us through the past year-and-a-bit of dark and tricky times.