Noon Garden, the new solo project from Charles Prest (Flamingods), shares his debut single Dud Day. Prest, a founder member of the exotic-psych and critically acclaimed four-piece will release his debut album as Noon Garden in 2021.

British born with Nigerian & Jamaican heritage, Prest spent his childhood living in Bahrain surrounded by people, like himself, who were all living on an island away from their homeland. Seeing the world from a young age and the experience of 10 years of globe-trotting touring with Flamingods are imprinted on his new project and have been a huge influence on shaping Noon Garden’s tropical adventurism. As a talented multi-instrumentalist Charles has written, self-produced and played all the parts on the record himself.

Flamingods have released records with Moshi Moshi, Soundway and Speedy Wonderground and are established as one the most exciting live acts in the country blending pop with Western psychedelia and Eastern musical influences.