In 2019, Esmae posted a collection of songs onto Soundcloud where they quickly racked up over 500,000 streams, as well as plays on the BBC. She then launched her own YouTube channel, uploading weekly cover songs which led to another over a million views and a substantial online following.

After releasing her first single in 2021, these songs would go on to form her pop-laden debut EP ‘Do Better’, a body of work which showcased Esmae’s love of old-school R&B with new-school dance music, whilst also channeling relatable themes of love and relationships through her own distinct lens. ‘Undone’ followed in 2023, taking inspiration from pop powerhouses such as Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie.

Now, with ‘Fire’ showcasing the Teeside artist in a completely new light, Esmae’s creative opportunities are endless.