This has been a significant year for the award-winning singer-songwriter and keyboardist Denise Marsa.  First in late March, she gave us the sonically and lyrically evocative ‘Kiss Me in the Rain’ which saw the Until Dawn Remix hitting the top-ten peaking at #6 on the UK industry Music Week charts just a few weeks ago. Then she dropped the infectious and uplifting ‘Rainbow’ (Until Dawn Remix) to coincide with Pride month and all things connected to love. On June 14, she is giving us a final single as she leads us into the release of her newest album ‘PIVOTAL’, ‘Don’t Count Yourself Out Yet’.

The album promises to be one of her most electrifying works yet, taking listeners through a musical passage of self-discovery, and Marsa provides a beacon of light for listeners, inviting them to love whomever, whenever, however and wherever.