Formed in 2019, the band’s eclectic tastes united Conor, Patrick, Jack, Calum, and Morgan. Conor’s powerful stage presence stems from his remarkable experiences singing on stage with Green Day as a teenager, not once, but twice.

Their music strikes a chord with their audiences, drawing from personal experiences but instantly relatable. Each song in their EP serves as a chapter in their collective story, revealing the triumphs and tribulations that have shaped their journey. Cloud House’s melodies carry the weight of their shared emotions, providing solace and understanding to listeners.

Described as “rising, rousing indie rock” by The Clash and selected as ones to watch in 2022 by The Weekender, the band have supported significant acts such as Big Country, The Luka State and Cassia – closing the summer off with their upcoming “Don’t Wanna Talk” tour around Scotland.