To date, Cam is best known for starring in the hit Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle,” but for him, music has been his main passion since he was a teenager. He started dabbling with instruments and songwriting, and even won his school’s X Factor-themed talent show twice. “That was when I knew I didn’t just want to be involved in music – I wanted to be an artist.”

Growing up in Newport, South Wales, the path to becoming a successful singer wasn’t clearly laid out in front of Cam. Once he graduated from school, Cam was a bit lost as to what to do next. After getting really into the TV show “Dexter”, he decided that Criminology would be a good choice for his degree at university – a decision Cam ironically says has been “really useful in my career so far, I’m sure you can imagine.”

With his degree under his belt, Cam bounced around a variety of jobs, including ambulance driver, barber, personal trainer, care home assistant, and retail and bar work, before he was scouted for “Too Hot To Handle.” With just 2k followers on Instagram, Cam, who had been seriously writing lyrics since he was 16 years old, thought it was a great opportunity to get more exposure to help him pursue his passion for music. A hugely popular contestant on the show, Cam saw his social media explode – now boasting over 1.5 Million followers on Instagram and even more on TikTok.