A super-talented Irish family has inched ever closer to seeing their musical dreams come true with the news that they’re set to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest musical icons of all time. RICK BLASKEY, who once headed up the international division of the Arista US record label, is the man who oversaw the teenage WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s global launch. And now, having just signed Newbridge family THE MAHERS, he’s getting ready to do the same thing for them.

Speaking after the signing, Mr. Blaskey had no hesitation in explaining why he saw similarities he just couldn’t ignore between the late singer and actress, and The Mahers, remarking, “I always approached launching Whitney as so much more than just launching a new record; so same with The Mahers.”

That element of ‘more’ that Mr. Blaskey referred to is clearly evident in the new single from The Mahers, both in terms of the song itself and its stunning performance. Released in January, LULLABY FOR THE WORLD – given its literally global theme which is so brilliantly illustrated by the lyrics of master songwriter BRENDAN GRAHAM – has the potential to outrun any notion of it being merely another song. And with Earth Day 2021 coming up on April 22nd, this is a song and a sentiment that is sure to resonate with younger generations all across the globe.

The involvement of Brendan Graham – a man who has two Eurovision winners to his name and who also penned the lyrics to the worldwide hit You Raise Me Up – as part of the songwriting team (co-written with James McMillian) was always going to ensure that this song was something special. But the impassioned performance of young RUBY Maher, who teams up with her dad DAVE and sisters STACY and ROBYN on the track, is what imbues Lullaby For The World with its driving, anthemic heart.