Two friends, travelling to school on the same bus talking music, playing in a band at weekends instead of getting Saturday jobs. Cut to the same two friends, now in their early 20s, travelling across the States, real troubadours, playing their music, becoming men. Cut to those same two friends, 30 years later, successful careers under their belts, at the top of their chosen professions, married with families, still playing but now writing their own songs. ‘Let’s do this!’ says one to the other as they walk into a studio for the first time.

It’s a story of friendship, of music, of having a dream, of never giving up. It’s the screenplay to a film just waiting to be written. Except it’s the story of Tony Regan and Kevin Brennan (the former Worldwide CEO of Quorn), a heart-warming tale of mate-ship.

With a growing interest in the UK in Americana – traditional American music that takes in aspects of Country, Folk, Blues – Tony and Kevin began to see that this could actually be something. Duos like The Shires and Ward Thomas had shown that there was an appetite for home-grown Americana outfits so with Kevin’s songs, Tony’s voice and a joint musicianship and stagecraft honed over decades, they stepped into a studio for the first time. They adapted quickly, with the confidence of seasoned musicians who had paid their dues and had a vision of what their project should be.