Dinosaurs, a pizza delivery boy, new wave and glam rock, the winding streets of big cities and labyrinthine underpasses from a home-made video game : this is the world of Rose Tiger.

Under this name hides the solo project of French artist Cyprien “Wendy” Jacquet (member of the french band Serpent and also drummer for Jehnny Beth), launched in 2017. With Rose Tiger, he has proven to be a gifted composer and multi-skilled musician, as talented behind his synths and computer as behind a mic or an electric guitar.


After two EPs, Wendy decided to move to London with the ambition to write his first rock opera. That is when Irene Gonzalez and Domi Hawken joined the project. And so, Rose Tiger embarked on a journey to the 70’s and the golden age of British rock, abandoning the 80’s synths and drum machines and bringing back guitars, bass and drums to the centre of the their music.