Richard Orofino is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, producer. An already decorated artist and a sought- after writer, he has collaborated with a diverse group of artists in NY, LA, Nashville and London including Jasper

Leak (Sia), Michael Tighe (Jeff Buckley), and John Carroll-Kirby (Solange, Connan Mockasin). After discovering the art of production in 2013, he has been able to fuse his strong artistic vision across all aspects of being a modern day ‘singer-songwriter plus’ offering.

With the buzz of his recent single ‘Fake Me’, featuring in the likes of Wonderland, Clash Magazine and more, he now returns with another alt-pop masterpiece in ‘Wanna Say’. Starting out with a kind of 90s nostalgia filled guitar line with an old-school effect, which is constant throughout, with Richard’s now signature production style entering shortly after.

Richard creates an energetic and real performance, crafting a breezy melody while delving into a deep personal battle with his own mind and the thoughts that can conspire. It’s a confidence that can only be admired from Orofino, as he depicts the notion that although we all have our insecurities, with hope and will you can get through to the other side.

The vintage synths and rhythmic tapping on guitars, all made in his apartment’s home studio, all really bring home that bedroom DIY indie pop sound that has given Richard Orofino the springboard for previous successes, with a lot more to follow suit.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Wanna Say’ Richard explains:

“Wanna Say is about finally feeling confident enough in myself and my thoughts to be able to share those feelings with the judgmental part of me. Even if that part of me doesn’t want to hear or acknowledge those true feelings, I can stand up for what I know I truly desire and feel is right for me. The idea that it’s possible to have this internal dialogue while standing confidently in my beliefs. Confident enough to overcome that shamefulness and self doubt is the true message.”