Ray Guell, a Cuban-American Miami native, started his journey from actively seeking a career in acting to eventually stumbling upon a local new wave band that needed a lead vocalist. Ray assisted in financing the band’s demo and approached an independent record label in hopes that they might sign the group release the music.  They weren’t very interested in the band, but they were very interested in Ray.

The president of the record label introduced Ray to a promising new freestyle producer, Tolga Katas (Stevie B., Linear), which led to the start of Ray’s dance music career with such hits as “Just Another Lover” and “You Took My Heart”.

In Brazil, Ray’s freestyle music was often referred to as “Funky Melody” and both songs hit the Top 10 simultaneously establishing him as a major dance music artist throughout Brazil.  After those successes, Ray enjoyed being “The Prince of Funky Melody” and toured frequently throughout Brazil.

In 1996, Ray released his first full length album called “Inspiration” collaborating with such influential producers as Grammy™ Award winning producer Chris Barbosa, Carlos Sarli and others.

As time went on, Ray teamed up with award-winning dance producer Giuseppe D. and has collaborated with him ever since.  With successful releases like “You Don’t Know Me”, “Love Is The Answer” and “Don’t Wanna Cry” (having over 1M streams on Spotify), he introduces a new sound and direction to the world with his new album called “DEFINED”.