Prominently renowned from BBC1s award winning show ‘Littlemix the Search’, Nostalia achieved public approval through showcasing outstanding vocals and confident attitudes. Having previously developed as solo artists prior to this breakthrough, each artist within the collective have already displayed significant talent and individualism.

Originating from Ireland, Tamara shared musical fondness with her family all her life, followed by Zitah already having released 2 singles of her own. Thus, Esther has independently racked up over 80,000 Spotify listeners, consequently working with huge names such as Headie One and Stormzy. Subsequent to the show, the trio solidified as a group following the departure of two fellow artists; Tyler and Mya- Louise, who both made an immense contribution throughout the show remaining well respected and appreciated members, who both played a highly valued role in the rise of Nostalia.

Contextually referring to bringing the past into the now, ‘Nostalia’ have proceeded to record and release remarkable group and solo projects, drawing their inspiration from highly eminent groups such as the Wu Tang Clan and So Solid. Their debut single titled ‘Diamonds’ initially performed on ‘Littlemix: The Search’ has succeeded nearly 300,000 views on Youtube.

Nostalia whole heartedly represent Talent, Beauty and Diversity, advocating female empowerment whilst simultaneously emphasising the importance of BLM through a time where platforms for black female vocalists are limited but now evidently possible! The girls are undeniably representative role models, coming together in unity across the UK and Ireland to build up and support one another’s futures.

Nostalia are doubtlessly a group to look for in 2021, preparing content for their upcoming debut project. This will feature many exciting recordings such as Fireball Sessions, Menrve and Hospital Records.