Upcoming ‘Stargazer’ is the latest instalment in a remarkable solo career that’s seen Pellow embark on a new project pretty much every other year since he left multi-platinum selling pop sensations Wet Wet Wet in 1999. He’s done more as a solo artist, for longer, than he did as frontman with the totemic pop band who dominated the British charts in the Eighties and Nineties. How, then, did this prolific artist approach the creation of Stargazer, a collection of new songs that in part pay homage to his  love of everyone from David Bowie to Harry Nilsson, Curtis Mayfield to John Lennon?

Pellow says, “I believe Stargazer is about imagination, every day is a school day in songwriting, and that’s what this album took me back to. It was a big learning process.”

These Are The Days is the debut single, out now. A ballad with a timeless and instantly memorable melody, Pellow reflects, “These Are The Days lyrics have really found their place in the world right now. They’re about growing up, me and my mates, just running about the streets, not a care in the world, those formative years, helping you become the man you become. I love the simplicity of it.