Living in a small town just outside Belfast Ireland, Lee Rogers’ music sounds as resilient, gorgeous, and scarred as that legendary territory. The robust, resplendent songs on his new album Gameblood absorbs all the senses of the listener, with his open-hearted, lyrical storytelling evoking both tender wisdom and elegiac musical craftsmanship. “My dad was a second generation settled Gypsy,” Rogers explains. “With black hair, swarthy-skinned, and green eyes (like me). He had gold hoop earrings and old Indian-inked tattoos. He was as hard as the road he walked on but had the softest heart for us and my mother, who he loved unconditionally. He had a fighting spirit, and that’s what I believe ‘Gameblood’ means. That’s where this album’s name comes from.” On his fifth major recording and third official release, Rogers comes across as a tender yet macho Noir outcast, honestly giving musical solidarity to fellow wounded exile-pioneers holding similar relational and existential pain.