Norway’s pop heroes KEiiNO have revealed their hot new summer anthem ‘Summer of My Life’. The song harks back to the summer of 2019. We were able to hug, dance, and travel to exotic places. Life was simpler. For KEiiNO in particular, they were experiencing the highs of their success in the Eurovision Song Contest.

After placing second in the Norwegian national selection for ESC this February with recent single ‘Monument’, the band are channeling summer spirit once again. The uplifting single takes us down memory lane, and back to 2019 and KEiiNO’s favorite city; Berlin.

Tom Hugo from the band said: “We love being in places where a diverse group of people meet, and the “dress how you want, do what you like” mentality in Berlin is very liberating. It’s also a city where we’ve written a lot of our songs, and we can’t wait to fly back and work with our producer again.”

‘Summer of My Life’ is written by KEiiNO with Alexander Olsson and produced by Kent and Cato Sundberg, the brains behind Norwegian hit acts Rat City and Donkeyboy. They also produced last year’s big summer hit ‘Somebody’ by Dagny.

KEiiNO are also set to hit the road again, with a15 date tour in Norway. Due to covid restrictions, the venues will be subject to strict regulations, including limits on audience size. “Hopefully we are able to have live concerts in front of big crowds again very, very soon. Until then we are excited to play the smaller and intimate shows” says Fred from the band. “As kids and

teenagers have had a longer portion of their lives affected by lockdowns, our mantra is ‘young people first’ and the concerts will be open for all ages.”

During the past few years KEiiNO have risen to fame after placing sixth in Eurovision in 2019, winning the public vote. Their smash hit ‘Spirit in the Sky has received more than 35 million streams. ‘Monument’, which the group performed in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix in February, has streamed close to 6 million times.

Alexandra from the band said: “We hope people will be blasting ‘Summer of My Life’ this summer, wherever they may spend it. Hopefully it will both bring back memories and build excitement for the things to come. If you ask me, it’s the perfect song for a road trip.”