Born to a surgeon mother and father who worked as a CEO in the film industry, Gali herself admits that her chosen path might be surprising to some. But both her parents are classic rock fans, and she was raised on a diet of Bowie, Queen and Pink Floyd. Later, she realised she gravitated towards heavier rock – grunge and metal, particularly – as a means of coping with her father’s health issues. “My dad used to go in and out of hospital, so I’d spend a lot of time at home, alone,” she says. “I remember the silence being so loud… I had to fill it up with something louder. I needed something to fall into, and rock music was what caught me.” She picked up the guitar, aged 10 and began composing her own songs around the same time (“I really thought i was Axl Rose”, she laughs). Other children her age attended after-school groups; she stayed at home and let her feelings pour out. “It was almost painful, this inclination to write… it came from somewhere within,” she says. “I don’t think I was born a musician. I feel like this path chose me.”