Michelle Osborne found her love for singing at a very young age. She became a devoted fan of genre’s Soul and R&B and was driven by 90’s musicians such as H Town, Jodeci, Darnell Jones and so many more.

Michelle began her musical journey in 2009 alongside her brother who was equally obsessed with the creation of blending voice with instrumentation.

She featured on an underground funky house joint produced by the Crazy Cousins when the genre was new and on the rise.

It was along this journey that Michelle became more versatile and found that she was able to bless more commercial genres of music such as House, Pop and Dance.

It was very apparent that these were the genres her brother was very fond of during his musical endeavours so once the siblings decided to bring their talents together on a project it was destined to be.
Mixing soulfulness with up tempo melody and base has proven to be a deadly combination.

Today after featuring on music that has been synced to hit MTV programmes such as Geordie Shore, The Valleys, Beauty School Cop Outs, after featuring on music that has been nominated at the UMA’s and after featuring on music that has claimed 100’s of specialist plays throughout the years Michelle teams up with overseas producers ‘Exodus’ to create a strong melodic house sensation that is to be released on all digital platforms in June 2021.

With the goal of creating a fan base with a genuine love for vocal talent, Michelle Osborne and teams ‘Sound Familiar’ and ‘Brownstownmusic’ have high hopes to take the music industry by storm.