After kickstarting 2021 by cementing herself as a definite one to watch, rising star Ellise unveils her incredible and eclectic debut album ‘Chaotic’, which is available to buy & stream globally today via Hell Bent Heaven / EMPIRE [May 14th, 2021].

Written almost entirely by Ellise herself, the record reflects her upbringing listening to her father’s classic rock and Iranian mother’s traditional Arabic music, combined with her own pop sensibility influenced by the sights and sounds of the Y2K era.

From the instant buzz of album opener ‘Fatal Flaw’, to the playful, infectious chorus of ‘Zipperlips!’, the body of work is a beguiling collection of personal stories laced across a pop landscape. ‘Chaotic’ is a standalone piece of art that conveys everything Ellise has experienced in a turbulent year as well as toxic behaviours that have been motifs throughout her life. Avant-garde pop music has a new savour in the formidable Ellise.


“I never want to be the good guy all the time. I think it’s okay to say that and let people know who you are,” says Ellise about Chaotic and the album’s ruminations on love, loss and what it’s like to feel flawed in a world that often demands perfection. “For now, I want to just keep making music that feels like me, that I feel like is special and that I feel like people will enjoy. This Ellise universe that I’m building out is just getting started.”