Dianña (pronounced Dee-on-ya) has pioneered the the new musical genre of Latin

Country by connecting her Latin and Puerto Rican heritage with a long-held love for

country music. Her vocals are sprinkled with Spanish verbiage, and her melodies include

Spanish guitar seamlessly integrated with traditional country elements to create a Latin

and Country fusion that is true Latin Country.

Dianña’s debut Latin Country single “Andale Yeehaw” was released in late 2018

with both English and Spanish versions. She followed that with two more original

singles “Rubberneck” and “You Got Some Nerve” in 2019.

In 2020 she released “Calm Down Karen”, which has been played over 50 million

times on TikTok. “Calm Down Karen” is currently playing on dozens of radio

stations across the country. She also released “Rubberneck Cumbia”, which is a

Cumbia style adaptation of her song “Rubberneck”, along with a fun BTS video.

Dianña has written, recorded and performed with many well-known R&B, rap,

rock, pop, gospel, alternative, and country artists from Snoop Dogg to Amy Grant.

Dianña’s musical passions also extend to philanthropic efforts. In support of Breast

Cancer Awareness, she wrote and performed her original songs “Stand Up & Live

Strong” and “I Know I’m Beautiful” at several Susan G. Koman Race for the Cures and

Breast Cancer Award Ceremonies.