Charlotte Rosse is a soulful and contemporary powerhouse whose distinct style and sound are challenging the status quo of modern pop music, elevating the genre via an exquisite combination of vintage glamour, modern themes and production, and poignant, heartfelt lyrics.

Passionate about music from an early age, Charlotte won a national singing competition in her home country of Poland at just eight years old. During her Opera studies at the Music Academy in Lodz, she moved to London, where she ultimately decided to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and singer songwriter in her own right.

Charlotte’s sound channels classic divas like Celine Dion while simultaneously drawing inspiration from contemporary artists, including the theatrical style of Lady Gaga and modern production and edge of Dua Lipa. Like the artists who have influenced her, Charlotte also shares the qualities of extravagant style and profound lyrics delivered by dramatic, powerful and soulful vocals.