Songstress and producer duo, ​BREANTONIA ​and JAK​, are back with their second collaboration, “​ALL IN​”, released on ​Friday 5th February 2021​.

This lockdown creation serves as a throwback and honorary nod to the 90s R&B that raised them, with rhythms and melodies inspired by old school Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera and early Kelis​. This, paired with contemporary production and an unforgettable guitar riff that carries throughout, leaves listeners with a fusion of throwback pop, electronic funk and feel-good R&B.

Singer-songwriter BREANTONIA says of the track: “​The melody and pacing of ‘ALL IN’ was meant to take you back to the 90s and early 2000s, to a simpler time when music was all about the feel good.​” ​Of the lyrics, she added: “​Our current generation is fixated on cutting people off, not

catching feelings and using people for personal gain. ‘ALL IN’ counteracts that, and says, no, I’m giving you all of me, I surrender, no inhibitions, no limitations. I’m all in.​”

For production, JAK said: “A​ ll In was a proper fun song to produce; it came so naturally. We never got to jam out like we did for our first release, ‘EXPOSURE’, but when I first heard Bre’s demo for ‘ALL IN’ with just piano and Bre’s voice, it was all pointing to that 90’s R&B sound. When I started messing with the rhythm, the energy came in strong; then I wanted those lo-fi synths and everything fell into place. ​Luke Girvan,​ our guitarist, played some licks on top from his garage, and that’s when it really started sounding like a hit.​”

‘​ALL IN​’ comes as the second installment of a collaborative project the pair plan on releasing this summer. An acoustic version of the track is in the works, which will be followed by an acoustic live performance of both this track, and their debut collaboration, ‘EXPOSURE’.