Grammy award winning producer/songwriter duo A2 Productions team up with emerging singer/songwriter Mari Cray to revivify the Soul II Soul club classic ‘Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)’ – independently released and available to listen now via A2 Music / Peace Bisquit.


Radiating with electric energy, the euphoric ‘Back To Life’ revamp brings a form of escapism; taking it back to the nostalgic summer of 1989 when the Soul II Soul chart-topper was released and blasted through the nightlife scene worldwide. Inspired by the global pandemic, A2 and Mari Cray wanted to share a little love with the world and re-created this timeless hit as a positive reminder that we will one day get back to ‘reality’.  Recorded and produced separately in 2020 as they all faced lockdown restrictions in different countries – A2 Production have created a progressive up-tempo version that gives the earworm the ultimate revival. Its garage infused, funky electric guitar led bassline compliments Mari Cray’s quirky, souring vocal.


‘Back To Life’ is the first fruits of an evolving eight-year working relationship between A2 and Mari. However, neither act anticipated it would be their first release together. On the single, Mari Cray explains: “I think we’re all longing to get back to the dance floors, laugh, mingle with friends again and share our realisations after all this time in lockdown. ‘Back to life’ feels like a great anthem for that, a reminder and a celebration of life.”


A2 Production adds: “We were experimenting with live instrumentation with what sounded like the future, and Mari brought colour to that world – she tied it all together.” They add “We’ve learned a lot of lessons that have prepared us for the space we’re in right now. It’s one thing to work with Britney or Justin and contribute to their success stories, it’s another thing to have a hand in the nurturing, growth and facilitation. To be a part of the journey and evolution of Mari Cray supports our long-term vision of having a label full of dynamic artist… but, she’s our star… our flagship act.”