Trevor Drury is a singer songwriter and a story teller. Stylistically, Trevor’s music is best described as alt pop, flavored with elements from indie rock and jazz and he has a unique retro style. His musical influences range from Radio Head to Elvis Presley. Drury’s writing is evocative and allows the listener to engage with his words in a way that’s difficult to forget and impossible to ignore. Drury’s music is about the human condition and there’s a narrative quality to his lyrics with fantastic piano riffs in each track. Born in Tucson, raised in San Diego, Trevor began playing piano at 8 years of age, pursuing music with a passion not often seen in one so young. He went on to study music at SDSU and BIMM and is currently living in London. His latest project titled, “Alice, its all in your head” will begin releasing singles after the first of the year. For his latest work, Drury has collaborated with top studio musicians and Grammy awarded/nominated producers, Marc Swersky who’s worked with Hillary Duff, Joe Cocker and Kesha and Mark Needham who’s mix for The Killers, Mr. Brightside has hit mutli-platinum status.