Debrah Scarlett is the 23-year-old singer crafting an entire musical world from a sleepy Norwegian town. Taking the experience of a childhood spent traveling, Debrah makes the kind of life-affirming pop music that speaks to the human condition – with all the memories, nightmares, dreams and stories that come with it. Her debut EP, DYS(U)TOPIA takes the listener on the same sort of voyage as early Sia records or Gotye at his most cathartic. From the haunting Neon Eyes – a song about a recurring dystopic nightmare that hounded Debrah in early youth – to lead single Cynical Youth – which asks “can you break the patterns society has placed on us as the ‘norm’, and live as an unfiltered human?” – it is a searching questioning listen, one that sets Debrah apart from the typical mainstream pop music currently associated with Scandinavian countries.