In February of 2017, seven tenacious boys emerged from the depths of Caulfield North, ready to seize the world with their arsenal of pop hooks, funk grooves and wayward grins.
Cultivated in the music department of Jewish day-school Bialik College, their Dutch sensei ‘Mr Tiestra’, opened their eyes to the slippery tunes of Steely Dan and contagious bass-lines of Herbie Hancock. The ‘Bialik Jazz Groovers’ was where they honed their skills – trembling under the watchful eyes of their master. Wax on. Wax off.
Five years onward, upon the flat plains of Melbourne’s South-East, these seven boys decided they needed a rebrand, so they formed a boy-band, known as ‘Approachable Members of Your Local Community’. The name, while indeed lengthy, pays homage to the community their grandparents helped form after fleeing from Eastern-Europe and arriving as refugees to Melbourne.