This young British multi-instrumentalist writes, sings, produces and above all, performs. From headlining the Silverhayes stage at Glastonbury to his own packed out secret gigs around London he never ceases to amaze with his reckless, passionate, inspiring stage presence.

Pre 2015, George was a skinny kid from Shropshire who blew up the internet with an inimitable mix of his own material and superior versions of other peoples songs, which saw him in the offices of every publisher and record label in the country.

“It was all moving too quickly. I was in these plush offices talking to hit making A&Rs thinking, this isn’t right. They don’t know what they are signing. They are just impressed with numbers. And in the end numbers don’t mean anything. Even now they’re all chasing them as if they translate into good music.”

So in true Renaissance man style – and not without some teenage rebellion thrown in – AKA George tore down everything he had created on the internet, losing tens of millions of views into the bargain. And started again.